Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage – a deeply therapeutic, holistic massage, using blends of essential oils combined to suit your individual needs.
De-stress and unwind utilizing the healing power of nature’s gifts.
60min  €80
90min  €105

Aromatherapy Salt Scrub – exfoliating with a salt scrub not only removes the dead skin cells and increases circulation, but it also encourages regeneration. This regeneration process tightens the skin, giving it a firmer and younger-looking appearance. It also reduces skin discoloration, evening out skin tone and improving texture. The magnesium in Epsom salts can reduce inflammation.
Followed with a nourishing, deeply hydrating massage, with uplifting citrus essential oils to promote distressing and revitalize your body and soul, leaving subtle scent on your skin.
Experience glowing, soft and rejuvenated skin.
60min  €80


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