Image Skincare Ageless Travel Kit

IMAGE Ageless Trial Kit


Image Skincare Ageless Travel Kit – A KIT designed for ageing and environmentally damaged skin.  The products of this Kit minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin youthful and radiant.

This kit contains:-

  • Ageless Total Facial Cleanser – 7.4ml
  • Ageless Total Anti-ageing Serum – 7.4ml
  • Ageless Total Repair Creme – 7.4ml
  • Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque – 7.4ml
  • Prevention Ultimate Protection SPF50 – 7.4ml

For further information please refer to full retail size products on our website.

Suitable for Normal, Ageing and Sun-Damaged skin.

Please note that products from the Ageless range should ALWAYS be introduced very slowly into your skincare routine and should only be used following a consultation and recommendation by a Trained Image Skincare Therapist. See homeware advice below.


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Only use the Ageless Products if they have been recommended to you by Image Skincare specialist.

The Ageless Products are active products and are designed to work at a cellular level to correct, prevent and nourish the skin. For this reasons you may notice some changes in your skin as you become accustomed to this new level of skincare. All of the following are considered normal and may last for the first couple of weeks of usage:

  • Tingling on application
  • Skin tightness or feeling of dryness
  • Mild shedding
  • Mild Irritation

This is a positive sign as it indicates the products are creating changes within the skin.

These changed are due to the main ingredients in your Ageless products, Glycolic Acid and Vitamin A.

To allow your skin to become accustomed to these ingredients it is important that you start introducing any of the ageless products slowly.

Always introduce Ageless products 1-2 times a week e.g Monday & Thursday to allow acclimatisation. Only increase usage where your skin specialist has recommended.